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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Village of La Grange Board of Trustees met May 13

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jul 1, 2019

Village of La Grange Board of Trustees met May 13.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:


The Board of Trustees of the Village of La Grange regular meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m. by Village President, Thomas Livingston. On roll call, as read by Village Clerk John Burns, the following were:


Trustees Gale, Holder, Kotynek, Kuchler and McCarty, with President Livingston presiding


Trustee Arnett


Village Manager Andrianna Peterson 

Village Attorney Mark Burkland 

Public Works Director Ryan Gillingham 

Community Development Director Charity Jones 

Finance Director Lou Cipparrone 

Police Chief Kurt Bluder 

Fire Chief Don Gay

President Livingston noted the meeting would include the transition of the new Village Board, recognition of volunteers from the various Boards and Commissions, as well as a special recognition of honored guests.

President Livingston asked Village Clerk John Burns to lead the audience in reciting the pledge of allegiance.


President Livingston thanked the Village Board, residents and staff for all of their work on creating a responsible Village Budget.

President Livingston announced that on the consent agenda this evening is an item approving a construction contract for two Village Parking Lots. Grant funding for the parking lots was provided by the MWRD to install permeable “green” paver systems. He thanked Commissioner

Mariyana Spyropoulos for the MWRD's commitment to assisting municipalities with stormwater management initiatives.

President Livingston announced that the Robert E. Coulter Jr. Post 1941 will commemorate Memorial Day on Monday, May 27, 2019 with a memorial ceremony at the Lyons Township High School (north campus) beginning at 8:30 a.m. There will be a ceremonial bell ringing honoring those La Grange area residents who gave their lives in service to our country from the Civil War to the present time. The Post will also hold a final ceremony and commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Post at 900 S. La Grange Road at 12 p.m.

President Livingston announced that over the next several weeks, our downtown and West End business districts will feature the LGBA's annual summer art exhibit, Fun and Games in La Grange. Dozens of unique hand painted game tables sponsored by local businesses and organizations, are decorated by local artists and displayed throughout town. The tables will be on display all summer long and will be auctioned off in September to benefit non-profit community based organizations. For more information, please visit the La Grange Business Association website.

President Livingston announced that the La Grange Weekend Carnival will begin on Friday May 31 and continue through Sunday, June 2. The 73rd Annual Pet Parade with a theme of "Celebrating Heroes and Superheroes" will be held on June 1 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Everyone is invited to enjoy this fantastic weekend and all summer long in La Grange.

A. Recognition of Honored Guests

President Livingston stated that in 1926 the Village of La Grange paid for a pipe to remove stormwater that crossed the Hansen Quarry. In the 1990's that pipe was severed. When the Village of La Grange passed a stormwater referendum to address flooding in the area, litigation began between the Village and the Quarry due to differences of opinion on how stormwater should be handled. The matter has now been settled and an agreement reached to move forward.

President Livingston stated that three individuals have been significant allies of the effort - Congressman Dan Lipinski, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Mariyana Spyropoulos and McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski.

Representative Lipinski thanked President Livingston for the recognition. He also thanked Mariyana Spyropoulos who also worked to further the project. This project reflects that great things can be accomplished when elected officials work together.

President Livingston recognized Commissioner Mariyana Spyropolous, of the MWRD. The MWRD takes the long view in terms of water management throughout the region. It is a technical, fact based organization that responds to the many communities it serves. La Grange was fortunate to have Commissioner Spyropolous assisting with the effort.

Commissioner Spyropolous thanked President Livingston for being recognized. She stated that it is a difficult but satisfying job to address large scale water management problems. She noted that working together at all levels is key in order to achieve success.

President Livingston announced that Mayor Jeff Tobolski of the Village of McCook was unable to attend. However, he noted that his contributions were key and the Village is appreciative of his assistance.

B. Resolution of Appreciation - Retirement of Fire Chief Donald J. Gay

President Livingston recognized Chief Gay's career and accomplishments on his retirement after thirty years of service. President Livingston presented Chief Gay with a plaque expressing the Village's appreciation.

LTACC Director Mike O'Connor also presented Chief Gay with a plaque of appreciation for his work as a founding member of LTACC.

C. Recognition - SolSmart Bronze Designation

President Livingston asked Trustee McCarty to introduce the item. Trustee McCarty stated that in November 2018, the Environmental Quality Commission recommended that the Village participate in a U.S. Department of Energy funded recognition program for municipalities that have taken steps to reduce barriers to solar energy.

The Village Board approved a resolution participating in the program, and over the past several months has worked towards a SolSmart designation. In order to meet the requirements, the Village had to complete initiatives organized into three categories - permitting, zoning, and special focus.

As a result of these efforts, the Village has been honored with a Bronze designation. Additional efforts are planned in the future as the Village undertakes a comprehensive review of its Zoning Code.

President Livingston presented the EQC with a plaque of appreciation.

D. Recognition of Citizen Volunteers

In appreciation for the citizen volunteers who have rendered thoughtful and dedicated service to the Village by participating on various advisory boards and commissions over the past year, President Livingston stated that each Trustee along with Village staff would give a brief synopsis of the functions of each advisory board and commission, and announce the names of the members along with their years of service.

Board of Fire and Police Commissioner (3-year term, 3 members)

It was noted that for the BOFPC is currently in the process of hiring a new Police Officer to fill an existing vacancy.

Members are: Elyse Hoffenberg, 5 years and current Chairperson; Brian Boersma, appointed June 11, 2018; and Paul Kerpan, 6 years.

Community and Economic Development Commission (3-year term, 15 members)

It was noted that over the last year, the CEDC has continued to stay abreast of current economic trends and issues through discussion at their quarterly meetings. Additionally, over the last year the CEDC continued to provide oversight for the downtown valet program and make recommendations to the Village Board related to its operation. In the past year the CEDC also provided valuable input into the development of a Village brand strategy.

Members are: Russ Riberto, 5 years of service and current chair of the commission; Michael Matteucci anpointed December 10, 2018; Michael Buttron, 1 year; Marcus Washington, 2 years of service; Tom Cassidy, Greg DiDomenico, Beth Augustine, all with 3 years of service; Caroline Dillon, Camille Hall, James Janevski, all with 4 years of service; Lisa Sher, 5 years of service; Rebecca Wimbush, 8 years of service; Margaret Carlson, 11 years of service; Elizabeth Stiles, 11 years of service; and Steve Palmer, 19 years of service.

Design Review Commission (3-year term, 7 members)

It was noted that in the past year, the DRC recommended approval of several renovations to existing businesses and improvements to accommodate new businesses. The DRC reviewed and recommended approval of significant façade renovations to accommodate businesses such as Becknell Industrial located at 120 E. Burlington Avenue, Blackberry Market located at 36 S. La Grange Road, and Luxxe | Honor located at 311 W. Hillgrove Avenue. The DRC also reviewed and recommended approval of a façade renovation and a second floor addition at 19-23 W. Harris Avenue to accommodate a new 8,000 square foot restaurant.

Members are: Tim Reardon, 12 years of service and current Chairperson; Kevin Cahill, appointed September 10, 2018; Marcy Dunne, appointed June 11, 2018; Justin Hanson and Christine Banks, both served 1 year; Kurt Wistuff, 3 years of service; and Regina McClinton, 28 years of service.

Environmental Quality Commission (3-year term, 15 members)

It was noted that in this past year the EQC has expanded its role to consider a wider range of environmental matters than in the past. These matters include both short-term and long-term sustainability initiatives. The EQC recommended that the Village adopt the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Greenest Region 2 Compact which provides a template for municipalities to use to set its own sustainability objectives and create plans. The EQC also held a holiday light recycling event and worked with La Grange Park on a pumpkin recycling event. The Commission also recommended participation in SolSmart, a national designation program to promote solar building options.

Members are: David McCarty, 1 year of service and current Chairperson, Laurie Braun, appointed April 8, 2019; Dave Bryant, appointed June 11, 2018; Tim Sheldon, appointed June 11, 2018; Joel Baise, appointed June 11, 2018; Mary Gertsmeier and Bill Robison, both with 1 year of service; Rose Naseef, 5 years of service; Rebecca Davies, 5 years of service; and Linda Christianson, 10 years of service.

Plan Commission (3-year term, 7 members)

It was noted that during this last fiscal year, the Plan Commission conducted public hearings and considered applications for text amendments to accommodate new business types in both the commercial and industrial zoning districts.

The Plan Commission also reviewed a large planned development for the proposed Mason Pointe subdivision consisting of 72 new dwelling units (12 single family homes and 58 townhome units). The Plan Commission also reviewed a small planned development for a 50 unit condominium building adjacent to the BNSF railroad tracks.

The Plan Commission continues to review the Zoning Code and provide recommendations for updates and revisions as warranted.

Members are: Wayne Kardatzke, 23 years and current Chairperson; Glenn Wentink, 2 years of service; Jeffrey Hoffenberg, 2 years of service; Dave Schwartz, 4 years of service; Julie Egan, 5 years of service; Greg Paice, 11 years of service; and Laura Weyrauch, 12 years of service and current Vice Chair.

Zoning Board of Appeals (5-year term, 7 members)

It was noted that over the past year, the ZBA has heard three applications for variations seeking relief from the following code requirements: two variations seeking relief from the required front yard and one variation for the construction of a six-foot-tall fence in a required corner side yard.

Members are: John Pappas, 4 years and current Chairperson; Tom Levato, appointed June 11, 2018; Clayton Edwards, 2 years of service; Laura Tussing, 2 years of service; Laura Blentlinger, 5 years of service; Michael Finder, 9 years of service; and Peter O'Connor, 10 years of service.

Citizen Volunteers Appointed to Individual Positions

Village Manager Andrianna Peterson expressed the Village's gratitude to Curtis Linder who has represented the Village of La Grange by servings as a Trustee on the West Suburban Mass Transit District. Mr. Linder has served on the since 2009 and is currently an executive Officer on the Board, serving as Treasurer.

Fire Chief Don Gay explained that the Firemen's Pension Board was created according to Illinois State Statute to review pension investment activity, and evaluate disability claims, fitness for

duty and other matters of an operational nature. Kevin Sheehan, member since June 2014, and Jon Peterson, member since June 2015, are the two resident members of the 5-member Fireman's Pension Board.

Police Chief Kurt Bluder explained that the Police Pension Board was created according to Illinois State Statute to review pension investment activity, and evaluate disability claims, fitness for duty and other matters of an operational nature. Andrew James, member since July 2017, and Mike Lannan, appointed June 11, 2018, are the two resident members of the 5-member Police Pension Board.

President Livingston thanked the many volunteers in our community that enhance the vibrancy and quality of life in La Grange.


Manager Peterson announced that over the past several weeks the IDOT contractor has been working on repairing the sidewalks at street intersections to make them complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. As this sidewalk work is nearing its completion, the contractor will be shifting to roadway resurfacing. The contractor has divided milling and resurfacing work into two phases. The first phase of the work will be from Joliet Road to just north of 47th Street, and will take place from roughly May 10th to June 10th. The second phase of the resurfacing work will be from just north of 47th Street to 31st Street, and will take place from roughly June 3rd to July 10th.

On street parking will be allowed intermittently during the day and available in the evening. Signs will be posted in the area notifying motorists of parking restrictions. Pedestrians are reminded to be careful when walking around the work zones and when crossing roadways.

Additional notes regarding construction activities will be provided as the project progresses. Please note that all schedules are weather dependent. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Public Works.

Manager Peterson announced that the Village offers a 50/50 sidewalk program which, based on available funding equally shares the coast of replacing damaged sidewalks with Village residents. The program is administered on a first come first served basis. Interested residents are asked to please contact Public Works.

Manager Peterson announced that the Village Hall would be closed on Monday, May 27, 2019 in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday. A full complement of public safety personnel will be available in the event of an emergency. The regular Village Board meeting scheduled for May 27 will also be canceled. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.




A. Contract – (1) Construction of the Permeable Paver Parking Lots at Village Hall and Lot 8; (2) Construction Engineering Agreement

B. Ordinance - Approvals of Final Plat of Subdivision and Public Access Easement, 441 9th Avenue (Mason Pointe)

C. Engineering Services Agreement - Baxter & Woodman - Construction Services at 441 9th Avenue (Mason Pointe)

D. Minutes of the Village of La Grange Board of Trustees Regular Meeting, Monday, April 22, 2019

E. Consolidated Voucher 190513

A motion was made by Trustee Holder and seconded by Trustee McCarty to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

Approved by a roll call vote:

Ayes:  Trustees Gale, Holder, Kotynek, Kuchler, and McCarty

Nays: None

Absent: Trustee Arnett




A. Resolution of Appreciation – Retiring Village Trustee Malia Arnett

President Livingston announced that Trustee Arnett could not attend the meeting due to her work commitments. He recognized her contributions and stated that a plaque will be presented to her.

President Livingston announced that the sitting Village Board will adjourn "sine die" and called for a momentary recess.


President Livingston reconvened the meeting and stated that those elected at the April 2, 2019 consolidated election would receive the oath of office.

A. Oath of Office - Newly Elected and Re-Elected Village Trustees Beth Augustine, Michael Kotynek (re-elected), and Mark Kuchler (re-elected)

President Livingston thanked the Boards and Commissions, Trustees and staff for all their support and efforts.


Resident Mike Beale commented that during road construction the phosphate coating that lines lead pipes can be knocked out causing health concerns. He inquired as to what is being done to work with residents at the current construction projects on Blackstone, Ashland and Brewster.

Public Works Director Ryan Gillingham responded that during such construction projects residents are offered three different options when it comes to private water lines that are possibly lead. They can pay $5,000 and the Village contractor will replace their private line, they can coordinate with a contractor of their choosing or they can take no action. As of 2013, the Village has been tracking the materials of different services pipes throughout La Grange. The information can be found on the Village website.


Trustee Kuchler thanked Chief Gay and his family for all of their involvement in the La Grange community.

Trustee Holder also thanked Chief Gay and noted his leadership in both the Fire Department and the community as a whole.

Trustee McCarty also thanked Chief Gay for his service to the community.




At 8:29 p.m. Trustee Holder made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Kotynek. Approved by a voice vote.

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